“Hivemind is the most important invention since Bitcoin.”

- Roger Ver, Bitcoin Evangelist, seed investor: Blockchain.info, The Bitcoin Foundation, Ripple, …, investor: BitPay, ShapeShift, Purse.io, …

“I’d give it a low chance of success, but at least it’s clever crazy rather than stupid crazy. :)”

-Peter Todd, Bitcoin Core Developer, Notable Skeptic (Coinkite “Chief Naysayer”), Inventor of Treechains, …

“I’m very optimistic about the feasibility of this project.”

-Andrew Poelstra, author of A Treatise on Altcoins, On Stake and Consensus, co-author of the Sidechains Whitepaper

(Recall that Hivemind was previously named Truthcoin)

In The Media


  • Original BitcoinTalk Thread
    • gwern: “Because perfect is the enemy of better.”
    • eedgar: “People have been talking about doing fully decentralized prediction markets since forever but AFAIK the OP is the first person to publish an actual plan for how you might implement one.”
    • elux: “Enormously interesting. Top of my reading list.”
    • asherp: “the very idea that we can generate probability distribution functions for human actions is just mind blowing”
  • Hacker News Post
    • This post was not submitted by me, in fact I was on vacation basically the whole weekend this happened, and did not have the opportunity to respond to any of the comments. Nonetheless, this was the #1 HN story for nearly an entire weekend.
    • dm2: “This could be huge in my opinion, until prediction markets become legal at least.”
  • Counterparty Forum Post #1
    • hodl: “guys if this is in any way possible to implement under current given technological circumstances it should be done AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.”
  • Another BitcoinTalk Thread
    • nakaone: “from my perspective it is probably the single most important project which can be done with blockchain technology”
  • Peercoin Forum
    • ppcman: “I like this concept.
    • sportscliche:“The guy behind Truthcoin is no dummy.”
  • A Thread on the Bitshares Forum
    • BldSwtTrs: “This is very interesting.
    • bytemaster: “I had a good chat with the guys behind Truthcoin and have concluded the idea is likely sound from a technical perspective.”
    • toast: “I myself am intensely interested in Truthcoin…We want you guys!”
    • deludo: “I think the community has shown great interest in the project…I’d like to see a collaboration!”
    • Bitcoinfan: “There is good reason why truthcoin is the top alternative dac post. I think once the community reads and thinks about Paul’s whitepaper, more will see the light and how essential it is to have a decentralized protocol such as Truthcoin.”
    • mf-tzo: “I am pretty sure that if we do not support Truthcoin soon someone else will”
    • biophil: “I wish you well and I’ll keep an eye on truthcoin wherever it ends up.”



  • Syscoin Website “…technology like Truthcoin’s is where I think Bitcoin’s Killer App lies, and where we have been and will continue focusing our attention on over here at Syscoin.”

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