Bitcoin “Smart Contracts” (As Smart As We Are)

Hivemind is a Peer-to-Peer Oracle Protocol which absorbs accurate data into a blockchain so that Bitcoin-users can speculate in Prediction Markets. These markets have the potential to revolutionize the emergence and diffusion of knowledge in society.

Centralized alternatives cannot maintain security at high scales (see Appendix 1).


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“Hivemind may be the most important invention since Bitcoin itself.”

- Roger Ver, Bitcoin evangelist and seed investor (, The Bitcoin Foundation, Ripple, BitPay, ShapeShift,

“I’d give it a low chance of success, but at least it’s clever crazy rather than stupid crazy. :)”

- Peter Todd, Bitcoin core developer, notable skeptic (Coinkite “Chief Naysayer”), inventor of Treechains

“Hivemind is a real project with interesting use cases. It’s great to see them using sidechains - anyone with Bitcoin can participate in their markets.”

- Dr. Adam Back, Notable Cypherpunk, inventor of Hashcash Proof-of-Work, Blockstream Co-Founder and President

“I’m very optimistic about the feasibility of this project.”

- Andrew Poelstra, author of A Treatise on Altcoins, On Stake and Consensus, co-author of the Sidechains Whitepaper



The PM Sequence

  1. Why do this?
  2. The Power of Prediction Markets
  3. Applications and Use-Cases
  4. Prediction Market Myths
  5. Manipulation of Prediction Markets
  6. Non-Usefulness of Prediction Markets for Assassination and Crime



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