What is Truthcoin?

What is this project, and what is it about?

Outcome Resolution

Everyone asks: How are the outcomes calculated? “Who decides?” Here are some of the answers.

The Age of Bullshit

The real-world problem Truthcoin aims to solve. This was the first half of a talk I gave at the MIT Bitcoin club in January 2015.

Update: a video of an even better presentation at TAB Conf Jan 2018.

The Oracle Problem

Slides from my March 2017 talk at QCon. Covers the technical challenges of this project (and why other methods haven’t worked).

Value of a VoteCoin

On the potential Return available to contributing investors / programmers.

In Six Slides

The original BoostVC formatted 6 slide pitch deck…this presentation relied (dangerously) on a lot of in-person context (“humor”), which is probably lost on the random internet viewer. (Truthcoin did get funding, however).

TABConf – Jan 2018

The “why” of this project, 50 mins.

Video Slides

Anarchapulco – Feb 2019

An excellent modern update of the project, 20 mins.

Slides Transcript